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Power Evolved


Introducing 3 new products for a full system upgrade
EVO3 Gemini 2-way, EVO3 Syncro Uni and EVO3 Nova 12-way

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Connecting Power - IsoTek's Cable Brochure

Find out more about our award-winning cable design and engineering, as well as in depth analysis of how the component parts fuse together to create IsoTek's clean power.

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Cable Brochure
EVO3 Nova One

IsoTek launch the new
EVO3 Nova One!

The new EVO3 Nova One is the latest product to be launched in the multi-award winning Mosaic Series.  With a nine section circuit consisting of both series and parallel filters it dramatically removes both Common Mode and Differential Mode power line noise from the incoming mains supply.

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The NEW EVO3 Ascension wins Hifi+ 2017 Award

The all new EVO3 Ascension represents the ultimate in conductor purity and power cable construction, delivering extended openness, a sound with more perceived micro dynamic detail, and inner space and air between instruments within the soundstage..

"This is not simply a 'wingman' mains cable, that one might buy because of the high performance of other devices, EVO3 Ascension is a fine power player in its own right." Hifi+ December 2017

More about EVO3 Ascension

EVO3 Ascension Cable
Hifi Voice Product of the Year

IsoTek take the double for
Hi-Fi Voice "Product of the Year"

EVO3 Aquarius is awarded first place in Best Accessory category of Hi-Fi Voice "Product of the Year 2016", and EVO3 Initium is awarded third place.

“The world of accessories and equipment clearly dominate the cables and power filters, IsoTek products not only won first and third place but also dominated the top ten list of cables and filters.” Daniel Březina, Hi-Fi Voice, 25 March 2017

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EVO3 Initium in HiFi+
BEST 50 products in past 5 years!

"Really good power cords are usually expensive, but the EVO3 Initium cable is one of the rare exceptions.  It's a fine addition to the audio market, and the first step in a fine world of IsoTek power products."

Hi-Fi+ -  August 2017  Full Article

More about EVO3 Initium

Hifi+ Best Product


The official video, giving an insight into the background of this
multi-award winning, power conditioning specialist company.

Why IsoTek?

2017 Product Catalogue

Find out more about IsoTek’s complete range of power cleaning systems and high quality power cables by downloading our new 56 page product catalogue.

The brochure also covers the company’s history, philosophy and the problems of distorted mains and its effect on your audio listening experience.

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IsoTek Product Catalogue
Recording Artists use IsoTek

Recording artists and producers use IsoTek for better sound

If you’ve experienced IsoTek products, you’ll know that the company’s power conditioners can make huge improvements to the sound of audio systems in the home. But did you know that discerning recording studios also use IsoTek components to improve the quality of the recordings they make?

The audiophile arm of major record label Universal Music Group (UMG) uses IsoTek equipment while making many of its recordings.

Learn how artists and producers use IsoTek for better sound

Award Winning Products

The power cleaning specialist: IsoTek’s unique
technologies win more awards than any similar brand.

Opposite is a selection of accolades from around the world.

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Product Reviews

Product Reviews

IsoTek products are distributed in over 45 countries, and have earned numerous accolades from specialist audio and AV publications worldwide.

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"IsoTek gets [understands] power, so it's logical that IsoTek is the go-to company for power."


"IsoTek is the leader in mains conditioning products."

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