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Award Winning Products

The power cleaning specialist: IsoTek’s unique
technologies win more awards than any similar brand.

Opposite is a selection of accolades from around the world.

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Mosaic Genesis Power Conditioner/Distribution Product of the Year

This product features technology pulled from IsoTek’s top EVO3 Genesis regenerator and Super Titan conditioner, but brings the cost down by designing the Mosaic Genesis specifically for smaller systems.

UK audiophiles never took to power regenerators, until recently. In part, the reason for the change in stance is we are now swimming in EMI ‘backwash’ from phone chargers and computer power supplies, but it also comes down to high performance products like the IsoTek EVO3 Mosaic Genesis.

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Recording artists and producers use IsoTek for better sound

If you’ve experienced IsoTek products, you’ll know that the company’s power conditioners can make huge improvements to the sound of audio systems in the home. But did you know that discerning recording studios also use IsoTek components to improve the quality of the recordings they make?

The audiophile arm of major record label Universal Music Group (UMG) uses IsoTek equipment while making many of its recordings.



Read the Latest News & Reviews in PULSE

PULSE is our exciting newsletter which is published twice a year and covers many activities that IsoTek is currently involved in, as well as where you can read the very latest product reviews and news stories.

In this issue's Adventures in Power David Price, writer and editor, reminisces about the different ways he's tried to clean the power going to his hifi systems over the years, and how it is Isotek's power cleaning products that really stand out and make the profound difference to his listening experience.

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Adventures in Power

In a series of articles for newsletter PULSE, we ask a prominent audio journalist to describe their experience with power and the importance of a clean mains supply.

This issue, writer and editor David Price chronicles his
Adventures in Power.




The official video, giving an insight into the background of this
multi-award winning, power conditioning specialist company.

Why IsoTek?

New Product Catalogue 2015

Find out more about IsoTek’s complete range of power cleaning systems and high quality power cables by downloading our new 48 page product catalogue. The brochure also covers the company’s history, philosophy and the problems of distorted mains and its effect on your audio listening experience.

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Product Reviews

IsoTek products are distributed in over 45 countries, and have earned numerous accolades from specialist audio and AV publications worldwide.

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"IsoTek gets (understands) power, so it's logical that IsoTek is the go-to company for power."


"IsoTek is the leader in mains conditioning products."

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