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Pulse Autumn/Winter 2018

As we hurtle through 2018 towards an uncertain post-Brexit future, there’s one fact upon which we can rely: the quality of the mains electricity supply is only getting worse! 

Numerous pollutants create ‘noise’ within the mains supply. Differential-mode noise, for example, is exacerbated by the switch-mode power supplies that are common in many devices, from computers to kitchen appliances. Meanwhile, common-mode noise is ever-increasing, with mobile phones, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth bathing us in a sea of airborne interference.

 If you’re unsure why you should care, as the owner of a beloved hi-fi or home cinema system, consider this: the first input is electricity. 

It flows through the system, used by each component in turn to create the signal that moves the speakers’ drivers and delivers the pixels on screen. What we hear and see is fashioned from, and by, mains electricity  – it’s the raw material from which the ‘art’ is created. Because of this, the quality of electricity we feed our systems has a profound effect on performance.

That’s why IsoTek’s clean-power products are an essential part of any high-performance system – they unleash its full potential, making sound and picture quality more vivid, more engaging, better defined.

As ever, this edition of PULSE aims to give you an insight into the latest goings on in the world of IsoTek, including news of our latest component launches (p2) and an overview of our unique cable range (p4). Enjoy it and until next time – think power, think IsoTek!


Keith Martin
Founder & Managing Director, IsoTek

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