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"Ascension is definitely the right name for this product as it allows all areas of music playback to ascend to leve… https://t.co/txt3bXchHr
1 dag, 5 uren terug

Editor's Choice award from lite-magazin for the Mosaic series EVO3 Nova One, Genesis One and Titan One.… https://t.co/vUNVwpBqIE
4 dagen, 6 uren terug

IsoTek ON TOUR - High End Society‘s & Stereo‘s „WORLD OF HIFI“ in Bochum (Germany) With our partner IDC we did sev… https://t.co/IobSWNfs68
1 week, 4 dagen terug

Lees het laatste nieuws en recensies in PULSE

  • IsoTek introduces THREE NEW PRODUCTS

    Read the full Press Release about THREE new products from IsoTek - COMING SOON in July and August this year

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  • EVO3 Ascension comes "Highly Recommended" by hi-fi+

    "EVO3 Ascension brings a hush to your system like an audience preparing for a concert. It's like the system is running a little quieter, and sounds rise from a quieter, darker background. Highly Recommended."

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  • EVO3 Initium in BEST 50 PRODUCTS

    HiFi+ look back at some of the best products they've reviewed in their last 50 issues - since 2012 - and include IsoTek's EVO3 Initium in the BEST 50.

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  • Double Best Accessory Awards from Hi-Fi Voice

    EVO3 Aquarius is awarded first place in Best Accessory category of Hi-Fi Voice "Product of the Year 2016", and EVO3 Initium is awarded third place.

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  • Adventures in Power (Spring/Summer 2017)

    In this series of articles for PULSE, we ask a prominent audio journalist to describe his experience with power and the importance of a clean mains supply. This issue, Olaf Sturm, editor-in-chief of German magazine hifi & records and website i-fidelity.net, chronicles his and his reader's journey to find 'clean power' with IsoTek's EVO3 Sigmas.

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  • IsoTek Introduces SMART Power

    Imagine being able to manage your power usage, control electronics, set start-up dates and times to turn on/off your audio or AV system, save power when not in use or warm up your system before you get home. SMART power is this and more....

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Lees het laatste nieuws en recensies in PULSE

PULSE is een spannende nieuwsbrief. Lees alles over de evenementen waaraan IsoTek deelneemt, de nieuwste feiten en productrecensies. Wilt u ook in onze PULSE-database en uw gratis versie in print ontvangen? Stuur dan een email naar support@isoteksystems.com met vermelding van uw postadresgegevens.

"Niet elke power conditioner is gelijk geschapen... IsoTek heeft een reputatie opgebouwd als leverancier van power conditioners die het geluid daadwerkelijk beter maken (in plaats van alleen maar veranderen)."

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