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Power bars

AC mains power distribution with filtration and protection circuitry

IsoTek produces a series of power bars that have a central filter network, which then offers clean mains to the six outlets position along the top of the product. No two outlets are connected together this stops cross contamination of noise.

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Rack width power conditioners

AC mains power distribution, filtration and protection in a component chassis

This range of power conditioners feature multiple networks cleaning power individually for each outlet. Greater levels of performance and greater levels of production in an elegant component sized format, in both black or silver finishes.

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AC sine wave generators

Full sine wave generators rebuild a completely new wave form

IsoTek offers state of the art AC Mains sine wave generators that take power from the wall and then reconstruct a totally new mains sine wave using a unique synchronous sine wave oscillator technology which is combined with extremely low THD amplification.

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High current conditioners

AC mains power distribution, filtration and protection designed for power amps

IsoTek’s unique Direct Coupled Design system offers extremely low impedance high current clean power for the hardest of loads.

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Power Cables

AC mains power cables

High purity silver plated copper power cables with 24ct gold termination offer the highest performance at any given price point.

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24ct gold audiophile grade connectors

Re-terminate existing power cables with better connectors thanks to IsoTek’s award winning tarnish free gold audiophile grade connectors, available in C7 (figure of 8), C15, C19, US 3-pin, and European Schuko versions.

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Essential set-up and burn-in discs for every audiophile tool box.

Two CDs designed to optimise all audio systems performance.

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“Not all mains conditioners are created equal… IsoTek has built itself a reputation as a purveyor of mains conditioners that actually improve (as opposed to just alter) the sound”

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