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A new series of compact power cleaning systems that deliver cutting edge performance in an elegant half rack width format. Mosaic balances ultimate power conditioning, voltage stabilisation and mains sine wave generation in a series of components that you can select to suit all of your audio or audio-visual system needs. Create your own clean power solution. Choose the EVO3 Mosaic Genesis, a hybrid conditioner combining IsoTek’s ultimate sine wave generation as well as high-current circuits. Add the Mosaic Titan to further increase high-current performance with IsoTek’s award-winning Direct-Coupled© technology. Individual pieces that combine to create perfectly arranged solutions – that’s IsoTek Mosaic.

Your system value: £10,000 - £35,000

Industry Awards

Awards for the Mosaic series

Plus X Award for Mosaic GenesisPlus X Award for Mosaic GenesisHi Fi Review Magazine Hong Kong

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"Classical, acoustic and vocal lovers will notice a greater delta between Genesis and no Genesis.  Everything rendered sounds more organic, more natural as if another barrier has been removed between you and the music.  If you’ve taken your system to 11, this will take it to 12. I guarantee you will be so enthused with the results that it will sell itself.”