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Following more than a decade of award-winning excellence, IsoTek has unleashed the Ultimate range – the final word in ultra-high-end power cleaning components. Revolutionary technology and unrivalled expertise have created two cutting-edge solutions able to completely transform the performance of any high-quality audio or AV system. Super Titan dramatically improves upon the original Titan Direct-Coupled© design circuit. And then there’s Genesis: the world’s first ultra-low-distortion, multiple mains generator, which creates from a zero point a totally pure re-built mains sine wave. Whatever your budget, IsoTek delivers the world’s best power cleaning solutions for lovers of high quality sound.

Your system value: Over £50,000

Industry Awards

Awards for the Ultimate series

Hi Fi World 5 Globe WinnerProduct of the Year 2013hifi-world-5-globe-winnerProduct of the Year 2013

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“What I heard surprised and shocked me – for the first time, I was listening to the music and not the hi-fi. Tremendous instrumental separation, drained of distortion by the Super Titan. Beautifully built and presented, this is an extremely effective mains conditioning device... Worth every penny.”

Hi-Fi World Magazine