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Why Do I need a Power Cleaning System?

The power that enters your audio components from the wall socket is distorted by the pollution on the mains supply. Sensitive equipment, particularly audio electronics cannot perform to their full potential. The biggest two offenders are Differential Mode and Common Mode mains noise.

Differential Mode

Differential Mode mains noise is created by all electrical appliances – everything with a power supply, in fact. This includes your microwave oven, your television and your computer, as well as every hi-fi component you own. Take a look around your home and count how many devices you have plugged into your power sockets, each of these will be corrupting the mains sine wave and eroding the quality of the AC power that feeds your high-quality audio system.

Common Mode

Common Mode

Common Mode mains noise is often referred to as RFI – transmitted frequencies that surround us but we cannot see. For example, imagine how much data is transmitted by smartphones and tablets; cheap power cables act as aerials for these unwanted frequencies. The use of wifi and wireless technology continuous to traumatically increase year on year and shows no signs of slowing as more and more wireless networks are pushed out in all locations worldwide. Just think about all of the data that it is possible to send and receive on a smart phone. All of these pictures, images, emails, text messages, and Facebook posts don’t appear by magic, we are bathed in a sea of Common Mode noise.

Global smartphone sales to end users from 1st quarter 2009 to 3rd quarter 2013, by operating system (in million units)

Global smartphone sales to end users from 1st quarter 2009 to 3rd quarter 2013, by operating system (in million units)

The escalation of mains-borne ‘noise’ means that the need for IsoTek’s clean-power technology has never been greater. ‘Differential mode noise’ is especially exacerbated by the switch-mode power supplies that are common in many modern devices, from computers to kitchen appliances. ‘Common mode noise’ is ever-increasing thanks to wireless networking in the home, with mobile phones, wi-fi and Bluetooth bathing us in a sea of airborne interference.

The quality of electricity we feed our audio and AV systems has a profound effect on performance, and that’s where IsoTek’s unique clean-power solutions come in. Without IsoTek, you are only accessing around 80 per cent of your system’s full potential, at best.

IsoTek’s unique power cleaning systems, designed specifically for use with audio and audio visual electronics can dramatically improve your systems performance. Expect a quieter noise floor, more extended frequency range, better imaging with a more stable sound stage, with no loss of tempo timing or dynamics, a fact that has been proven by consistently positive reviews and awards over the last 15 years.

Typical AC mains sine wave from wall socket

Typical AC Mains Sine Wave From Wall Socket

AC mainssSine wave from IsoTek Mosaic Genesis*

AC Mains Sine Wave From IsoTek

* Measured output from IsoTek Mosaic Genesis sine wave generator.

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“Not all mains conditioners are created equal… IsoTek has built itself a reputation as a purveyor of mains conditioners that actually improve (as opposed to just alter) the sound”

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“The EVO3 Optimum turns in an extremely impressive performance. The improvement it makes is profound and should leave no one in any doubt about the importance of mains power.”

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