Our most sophisticated eight power
outlet yet!

The new addition to the Ultimate Series is the most sophisticated (passive) front-end source component power cleaning system IsoTek has developed so far.

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EVO3 Ascension comes

"This is a cable of balance and makes a lot of sense for the absolute top-end of audio performance, both in absolute and relative terms."

Hi-Fi Choice Recommend
Blue Horizon RIAA Filter
The Ultimate Burn-in Set

"The result is impressive!" Hi-Fi Choice, Oct 2017

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Sigmas is the Editor's Choice 2016

IsoTek’s EVO3 Sigmas wins the prestigious Editor's Choice Award 2016 from German magazine i-fidelity for unique performance, best sound quality and excellent value for money. As the bigger brother of our multi-award winning EVO3 Aquarius, Sigmas represents an extremely cost effective full system upgrade.

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Aquarius is Excellent

An "Excellent" from sempre-audio for the EVO3 Aquaruis. The transformation to sound replay the IsoTek EVO3 Aquarius makes is impeccable. You can literally feel that quality is very important just by lifting the product into your equipment rack. From then on you have nothing else to worry about, the EVO3 Aquarius discreetly performs its service. The IsoTek EVO3 Aquarius makes sure that the other components of the hi-fi chain or Home Cinema system reach their full potential and can play free of the external interference of mains noise.

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EVO3 Syncro wins Award

IsoTek’s new Special Edition Syncro has been developed specifically to address transformer hum often referred to as ‘DC on the mains’. In addition to this Syncro remains the perfect upgrade cable for Aquarius, Sigmas or Titan power cleaners. “The EVO3 Syncro is definitely an effective upgrade for EVO3 Aquarius. It reduces the risk of transformer hum and also upgrades the Aquarius, improving the entire systems reproduction and characteristics." Lite Magazine 2015

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PLUS X Across the Board

The PLUS X Awards, in its 13th year, have earned a solid seal of approval from the industry in general and from consumers who are looking to own products of the highest quality and performance. IsoTek have earned 5 awards in 2016/2017 as well as "Most Innovation Brand 2016".

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IsoTek take the double for
Hif-Fi Voice "Product of the Year 2016"

EVO3 Aquarius is awarded first place in Best Accessory category of Hi-Fi Voice "Product of the Year 2016", and EVO3 Initium is awarded third place. "The world of accessories and equipment clearly dominate the cables and power filters, IsoTek products not only won first and third place but also dominated the top ten list of cables and filters.” Daniel Březina, Hi-Fi Voice, 25 March 2017

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We are delighted to announce that IsoTek SMART Power Delta has won the prestigious EISA Award, Best Product in the Audio Visual category for 2019-2020.

“This award reflects the pooled experience of EISA’s expert magazines and is a fitting tribute to the innovation and performance of this advanced mains conditioning system.”
Paul Miller, EISA President

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MD and founder of IsoTek power conditioning products Keith Martin talks to Daniel Sait about the company’s approach and the advantages offered by its solutions for hi-fi and AV equipment.

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Keith Martin talks about the new super nova at High end Munich 2019

At High End 2019 we will talk to Keith about the new Isotek SuperNova. What is it? What can you do And what is the difference with other Isotek filters? We ask the designer himself!

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the most sophisticated eight power outlet ever!

The new addition to the Ultimate Series, EVO3 Super Nova is the most sophisticated (passive) front-end source component power cleaning system IsoTek has developed so far.

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IsoTek announces new Uk Distributor

IsoTek are pleased to announce the appointment of Pulse Cinemas as their new official and exclusive UK Distributor!

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IsoTek introduces THREE NEW PRODUCTS

Read the full Press Release about THREE new products from IsoTek – COMING SOON in July and August this year Read more

EVO3 Ascension comes "Highly Recommended" by hi-fi+

“EVO3 Ascension brings a hush to your system like an audience preparing for a concert. It’s like the system is running a little quieter, and sounds rise from a quieter, darker background. Highly Recommended.”

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EVO3 Initium in BEST 50 PRODUCTS

HiFi+ look back at some of the best products they’ve reviewed in their last 50 issues – since 2012 – and include IsoTek’s EVO3 Initium in the BEST 50.

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Latest issues of PULSE

PULSE is an exciting newsletter, which covers many activities that IsoTek is currently involved in – read the very latest product reviews and news. If you’d like to join our PULSE database and receive your free printed copy simply drop us an email to including your postal address details.

“Not all mains conditioners are created equal…IsoTek has built itself a reputation as a purveyor of mains conditioners that actually improve (as opposed to just alter) the sound.”
Hi-Fi World