PLUS X Across the Board

24 June 2016

PLUS X : FIVE Product Awards & Nomination for “Most Innovative Brand”
PLUS X Across the Board

For the past 15 years IsoTek has been dedicated to innovations within the category of clean power for audio. This was recognised last year by PLUS X Best Product Award for EVO3 Aquarius. This year the stakes have been higher, as not one but five products were entered for consideration. The result was each winning awards in their own right: EVO3 Sequel and EVO3 Syncro power cables, as well as EVO3 Venus, EVO3 Sirius and EVO3 Mosaic Genesis. This clean sweep success has resulted in IsoTek being nominated for “Most Innovative Brand of the Year” award, and an invitation to the PLUS X Award Night held on 23rd June at the World Conference Centre, Bonn.

The PLUS X Award Night unites the elite of decision makers in technology, sports and lifestyle for a special ceremony to consider the Most Innovative Brands of the Year.

The PLUS X Award distinguishes innovative companies with high levels of care for quality, design and functionality. Now in its 13th year the PLUS X Awards have earned a solid seal of approval from the industry in general and from consumers who are looking to own products of the highest quality and performance. This year IsoTek has been selected for 5 awards and has now also been nominated for a “brand innovation award”.

IsoTek introduces THREE NEW PRODUCTS

Read the full Press Release about THREE new products from IsoTek – COMING SOON in July and August this year

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EVO3 Ascension comes "Highly Recommended" by hi-fi+

“EVO3 Ascension brings a hush to your system like an audience preparing for a concert. It’s like the system is running a little quieter, and sounds rise from a quieter, darker background. Highly Recommended.”

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EVO3 Initium in BEST 50 PRODUCTS

HiFi+ look back at some of the best products they’ve reviewed in their last 50 issues – since 2012 – and include IsoTek’s EVO3 Initium in the BEST 50. Read more

Double Best Accessory Awards from Hi-Fi Voice

EVO3 Aquarius is awarded first place in Best Accessory category of Hi-Fi Voice “Product of the Year 2016”, and EVO3 Initium is awarded third place. Read more

Adventures in Power (Spring/Summer 2017)

In this series of articles for PULSE, we ask a prominent audio journalist to describe his experience with power and the importance of a clean mains supply. This issue, Olaf Sturm, editor-in-chief of German magazine hifi & records and website, chronicles his and his reader’s journey to find ‘clean power’ with IsoTek’s EVO3 Sigmas. Read more

IsoTek Introduces SMART Power

Imagine being able to manage your power usage, control electronics, set start-up dates and times to turn on/off your audio or AV system, save power when not in use or warm up your system before you get home. SMART power is this and more…. Read more