Pulse Autumn/Winter 2014

It’s just over a year since we moved all IsoTek manufacturing to a new, much larger European factory and I can’t overstate what an important decision that was. Our production capacity leapt by more than 40 per cent and we are already operating at full tilt in order to meet current demand.

Our entry-level Discovery Series products continue to make waves, whilst production of new devices further up the range steams on apace. 2014 has seen several additions to our uncompromising, premium-level Select Series, including terrifically enhanced EVO3 versions of the much-lauded Sigmas whole-system power conditioner, Titan high-current conditioner and top-of-the line Optimum power cable, all of which are garnering reviews every bit as enthusiastic as those of their predecessors. For the latest happenings in the world of IsoTek, see News, starting on page 2.

As the electrical devices we use proliferate and the amount of data we transmit wirelessly escalates, the quality of electricity we feed our audio and AV systems continues to slide. By removing noise and delivering clean, fully optimised power to amps, source components, TVs and projectors, IsoTek ensures radical improvements to sound quality (and picture quality in
AV systems).

We’ve been dedicated to clean-power technology since 2001, our commitment to research and development delivering award-winning performance from each successive product generation. From the low-cost, high-performance Discovery Series to the groundbreaking Ultimate Series, our solutions are practical, our technologies unique – think power, think IsoTek!

In This Issue’s Adventures in Power…

Paul Rigby discusses the importance of a clean mains supply and how to enhance the great hi-fi system you already own using IsoTek’s clean-power products.

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