Pulse Autumn/Winter 2015

Since 2001, IsoTek has grown from a small start-up in Hampshire, born from an idea drafted on a kitchen table, to the world’s leading specialist in clean-power tech for audio and AV systems, with distribution in more than 50 countries. It hasn’t been easy to get to this point, but it’s certainly been quite a ride!

From the start, our philosophy was to ‘build something better’. We knew that the poor quality of mains electricity had a detrimental affect on hi-fi system performance, and that this problem was only going to get worse over time. We also knew that the solutions already on the market were inadequate, and could be vastly improved upon.

Our unique technologies have led to numerous endorsements from customers, critics and respected audio brands. For example, acclaimed Danish manufacturer GamuT has decided to supply our EVO3 Premier power cable with all its electronics (see News p2), while Swedish brand Primare has specified our clean-power systems to aid with product testing and development.

Monitor Audio liked out Full System Enhancer CD so much we were asked to develop an algorithm to enhance speaker performance and reduce run-in time. TEAC Esoteric was equally impressed, commissioning us to create a version of the CD to be bundled with the company’s audio components.

Other manufacturers that use and recommend IsoTek products include Arcam, Denon, Genesis Advanced Technologies, Marantz, Nordost, Onkyo, Pioneer, PMC and Roksan – an illustrious list, I’m sure you’ll agree!

As ever, this edition of PULSE aims to give you an insight into the latest goings on in the world of IsoTek – I hope you enjoy it. Until next time… Think power. Think IsoTek!

In This Issue’s Adventures in Power…

David Price, writer and editor, reminisces about the different ways he’s tried to clean the power going to his hifi systems over the years, and how it is Isotek’s power cleaning products that really stand out and make the profound difference to his listening experience.

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