Pulse Spring/Summer 2016

IsoTek is 15 years old this year. Since the company’s birth as a small start-up in Hampshire, England, we’ve carefully nurtured its growth with a diet of passion, innovation and good ol’ fashioned hard work to become the world’s leading specialist in clean-power tech for audio and AV systems.

Today, IsoTek is a multi-national company with a world-leading reputation, offices in England and Switzerland, advanced European factory facilities and distribution in more than 50 countries. Are we ready to rest on our laurels? Certainly not!

IsoTek’s never-ceasing quest to innovate ensures our product range continues to evolve. Our big reveal at this year’s High End show in Munich is a new range aimed squarely at the custom installation sector, combining our unique clean-power technologies with clever smart features including programmable control from remote locations via mobile devices and web browsers (see p2).

2016 also sees the launch of the One Series (see p6), which re-engineers flagship IsoTek technologies into a compact and uniquely flexible format. And all the while, our current product line-up, from the entry-level Discovery range to the peerless Ultimate Series, continues to unlock the full potential of audio and AV systems around the world.

As electrical devices proliferate and we’re engulfed in an ever-increasing ‘digital smog’, the need for IsoTek’s unique technologies to eliminate noise and distortion in the mains supply has never been greater. Our solutions are practical, our technologies unique – think power, think IsoTek!

Keith Martin
Founder & Managing Director, IsoTek

In This Issue’s Adventures in Power…

This issue, Terry Medalen of Primare explains why the renowned Swedish audio brand uses IsoTek clean-power components when developing and demonstrating its products.

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