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Without mains power, no audio or audio-visual component can function. Your musical enjoyment is reduced by mains noise contamination – this can be from either Differential or Common Mode mains noise. Differential noise is created by the power supplies in all electronic devices, while Common Mode noise in introduced by RFI and the wireless communications that are becoming increasingly common. With the Performance range you will hear significantly better sound quality, with more detail and greater dynamic range. All of your components will be improved and protected, allowing you to realise the best possible performance whenever you listen.

YOUR SYSTEM VALUE: £3,000 – £12,500



Sirius is a high-performance, multi-award-winning power bar, which protects and improves your precious audio components. A special wall bracket system allows Sirius to be mounted discretely behind your audio system.

  • Removes Common Mode and Differential Mode mains noise.
  • RFI reduction 40dB.
  • Independent outlets – no outlets are connected together, stopping Differential Mode mains noise cross-contamination.
  • Unique Inductive Resistance Gate© optimises the isolation between each of the six outlets.
  • KERP© (Kirchoff’s Equal Resistance Path) ensures equal resistance and equal power delivery across all outlets. No outlet gets power before the next, a common problem with other power products which daisychain outlets together.
  • 22,500A of instantaneous protection, featuring IsoTek’s unique sequential protection system.
  • Internal wiring; multi-strand silver plated OFC copper with PTFE dielectric.
  • Maximum power, continuous 2,300W.
  • Available in UK, EU, US, AU, CH and ZA sockets.


  • Full system upgrade for audio systems
  • Improves sound quality
  • Protects your sensitive electronics from power surges and voltage spikes
  • Suitable for all electronics including integrated amps and up to 100W power amplifiers
  • Wall mounting bracket kit included
  • Multi award winning design
  • Easy to install, plug in and play


The IsoTek EVO3 Sirius is a power bar with a central filter network which removes both Differential mode and Common mode noise up to 40dB. Each of the six output sockets references back to the central filter network, thus Differential mode noise cross contamination is dramatically reduced.

All electrical products that draw power from the mains supply create Differential mode noise, including audio components. Connecting outlets in series with big copper bus bars enhances cross contamination of Differential mode noise which is not ideal for high quality audio replay.

Sirius also offers 22,500A of instantaneous protection against dangerous power surges and voltage spikes.

Housed in an extruded aluminium chassis, Sirius is a solid hard wearing power bar that can be wall mounted behind audio systems or placed discretely behind audio racks.

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Number of outlets6
Type of outletsUK, EU, US, CH, AU, ZA
Standard mains inletIEC fused
Mains voltage100-240VAC / 50-60Hz
Maximum current10Amps HRC
Total wattage2,300 (UK/EU) 1,100 (US)
Dimensions88 x 50 x 480mm (W x H x D)


“For the characteristics that Sirius brings to the party, it is a conditioner that will really appeal to jazz, classical and acoustic music.  It’s one of those devices that once you take it out of your Hifi playing this type of music, you probably won’t want to go back to how things were before.” 13th Note – October 2019  Full Review

“Excellent value for money… A great real-world product that is useful and inexpensively upgrades your system”

Hi-Fi World

“It’s effective, well priced and clearly makes the case for adding mains products to Hi-Fi systems.”

Hi-Fi Choice Magazine

“A distinct lift in overall musical performance.”

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Sirius Cable 2 40x32cm

Sirius Cable 3 44x31cm

Sirius Cable 45x25cm

Sirius Creative 25x30cm

Sirius EU 25x17cm

Sirius Group 43x32cm

Sirius NZ 25x17cm

Sirius Straight 35x46cm

Sirius Tower 27x34cm

Sirius UK 25x17cm

Sirius US 25x17cm

Sirius 1

Sirius 2

Sirius 3





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A true high-end cable offers astonishing performance.

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“Excellent value for money… A great real-world product that is useful and inexpensively upgrades your system.”
hi-fi world magazine