“I have had Aquarius in my system for a few days now. So what are my impressions? This product is special, and it is in the true spirit of high-end. It’s 0% compromise in terms of quality. Some said don’t look for this product to solve a problem within a system. To that I must disagree, this really solves a problem at a fundamental level. It’s like getting a healthy heart. The Aquarius portrays the music with such liveliness so that my absorption panels no longer suck the life out of the music; it just gets very balanced and beautiful.
I believe this is a device for the music lover more than the audiophile. The spatial separation and clarity that this brings give me so much joy with the music – it’s addictive.”

Mr Fagervik, Norway –  June 2020 

“I already emailed your support team about how great Mini Mira is with my components. It not only makes my TV look and sound better having retweaked it by drawing new power from the Mini Mira, it makes my studio speakers sound more alive and more accurate just having the Isotek plugged in in my living room.”

Mr Harrison, Texas USA – April 2020 

“Well, maybe not broken, but certainly not working in a way you could describe as healthy. Don’t believe me? Come, grab an Isotek….even with the addition of IsoTek’s most basic filter board (the EVO3 Polaris) a cacophony of nonsense was banished from the system. It was audible instantly. For every model we tried further up the IsoTek line, we heard a significant improvement again, again and again. I can’t stress this enough – come and try some IsoTek.”

 Miranda Hi-Fi Sound & Vision – October 2019 [IsoTek Range]

This my second unit. I’ve waited a little to gain more experience with them before writing.
The first supplies my Naim 300 DR, A sub woofer, my TV, a sat receiver/DVD recorder and two Quad 2905 Electrostatics. The second a Brinkmann Preamp, a Bricasti DAC, a Sooloos Streamer and Store, a Moon phono preamp and a SME 20/2 Deck, the unit was bought due to initial improvements with the first device.
Basically not a bad setup, however, the improvements made due to the two Aquarius Filters are so immense, that to achieve similar results just with equipment upgrades would be very expensive indeed. The Sound stage is very much 3D if the recording permits. Increased height, width and depth beyond the room boundaries.  It was not bad before, but this is much more than I expected.  Clarity and intelligibility is much improved, too.

Mr Thomson, Germany – May 2019  [EVO3 Aquarius]

“I have only had the Sirius for a week but am more impressed than I can believe! I realised people always have said that power conditioners make a difference, in theory (on paper) anyway; I also believed that people were taken-in by these ‘Emperor’s new clothes’ products which at the most may electrically protect the attached products. I took power conditioners to be accessories which at the most provide a warm and cuddly placebo. How wrong I was! I worked with sound products for decades and the Sirius so far has provided one of the biggest sound improvements I’ve heard in years. After connecting the Sirius with Isotek power cables, the difference was immediate and pronounced, despite the sound quality being fine before; the sound stage was more spread out with no absence in the middle, the treble is cleaner and far less ‘hissy’ or ‘fizzy’, the bass is more pronounced and far less compressed sounding. On hind-sight I can’t believe I didn’t investigate Isotek products before; a pricey upgrade initially but worth it in the long run.”

Mr Postle, UK – March 2018 [EVO3 Sirius]

“I have two stereo set ups, one with a Samsung LED TV.  I use the EVO3 Polaris in the TV set up, but the other night I moved it to my hi-fi to test it there.  What happened was that the TV picture got vastly inferior, like some soft filter was pulled over the picture.  I moved it back to the TV set up and the picture instantly got sharper with better colours.  Great product!”

Mr Ellingsen, Norway – August 2017 [EVO3 Polaris]

“I would like to say that bringing the Aquarius into my setup (Hegel H 360 / CDP – SA – Nordost: 10.000 pounds unit) is among my best choices ever. Wish I had done this years ago. What a difference on an already clean cut setup! Amazing!”

Mr Stensrud, Norway – May 2017[EVO3 Aquarius]

“I tried the EVO3 Aquarius at home and was excited. After gathering information about the EVO3 Sigmas over a longer period, supported by the frank and honest advice of the German distribution company, I now have the EVO3 Sigmas in my hi-fi system. With the further purchase of two EVO3 Optimum power cables for the Sigmas, my streamer has fully met my hopes. In simple terms, the system now performs magnificently.”

Mr Rossmannek, Germany – April 2017 [EVO3 Sigmas]

“As you say, an Isotek power conditioner will upgrade all components that are connected to it. The Aquarius does that without any unpleasant aural side effects – which is a relief and confirms reviewers remarks in this regard. My components now breath and speak easier. My TV even looks and sounds better, I didn’t expect much improvement there. It’s sharper with deeper colours and the sound is less muddy – all this with the stock power cord that is permanently affixed to the TV (can’t upgrade it) – all this just from plugging it into the Aquarius! Well done.  [A second Aquarius] ….This AQUARIUS is for my computer, including the monitor, two powered studio monitor speakers, audio interface and printer. It is reassuring to know that my gear is getting clean power and operating much, much closer to it’s full potential. Vision and audio is better also and the Aquarius looks cool.  Solid equipment, thanks.”

Mr Pfeffer, Australia – March 2017 [EVO3 Aquarius]

“I use this powerboard for on location audio recordings and for my video lights. One board does all this and their shouldn’t be any cross contamination between the audio and lighting gear. I have a laptop and a very nice 8ch preamp audio interface, good mics and good cables. I need the sessions to run smoothly. Who knows what kind of power lurks beneath those GPO’s and I need to have power conditioners that have been engineered with music in mind. Isotek recognise this. That’s why I bought their AQUARIUS and SIRIUS unit’s because the musical quality of the conditioner matters to me a great deal. Thanks.”

Mr Pfeffer, Australia – March 2017  [EVO3 Sirius]

“The transformation [with EVO3 Titan] to my older recordings were impressive in terms of spaciousness, detail/definition and timbre, to a softer more analogue-like sound but without losing any accuracy and detail; it has been a magical as well as emotional experience for me. While the initial purchase cost of this unit is high and may be prohibitive for some, it is to me good value for money considering its exceptional and unmatched performance. By adding EVO3 Titan to my existing hi-fi system, I have effectively upgraded the whole system without paying more money. Highly recommended – 10 out of 10& credit to all the ISOTEK engineers & designers – you have won my heart & vote!”

Mr Ma, Australia – March 2017 [EVO3 Titan]

“I already own an EVO3 Sigmas and EVO3 Syncro cable.  Thanks for all the excellent products! The Genesis One I have bought is just the next amazing product. “

Mr Moser, Switzerland – January 2017  [EVO3 Genesis One]

“I purchased the EVO3 Aquarius along with EVO3 Optimum power cord and 5x EVO3 Initium cords… I am also going to get an EVO3 Sigmas…I was blown away by the difference the Initium made when I installed it on my ADL-GT40 feeding my Beyerdynamic T1’s.  They were already being fed by a custom made filtered power supply from my computer…. So it was sounding bloody exceptional to start with.”

Mr Williams, New Zealand – October 2016  [EVO3 Initium]

“Best thing that I’ve purchased for my stereo. I had slowly upgraded it till it was a reasonable system with NAD Master series pre and power amp, Ambience ribbon speakers, an OPPO DVD player and a Rega Planer CD player. Not super expensive but not too bad. There was something wrong with the whole sound that I couldn’t put my finger on as to which component was the problem. CAV told me about a demonstration of your systems and I went along to listen to what the Isotek could do and basically couldn’t believe the improvement in the whole sound stage, definition, clarity, bass response etc. Its been a revolution. Anyone who doesn’t have one of your power conditioners and has a decent system is kidding themselves. It should be the basis of any reasonable system with the components built up on top of the Isotek conditioner. Hats off to you for the product. Amazing. “

Mr Snider, Australia – August 2016  [EVO3 Sigmas]

“Appears to be well constructed, cables prepared to order are very high standard, well packed, decent information provided.  Operated with a Naim system. Very obvious improvement in transparency; soundstage presentation much more vivid; sound appears more extended at both ends of frequency range.  Compared with Naim XPS (admittedly not a fair comparison of like with like), modest improvement in sound with XPS but improvement with Sigmas was a revelation.”

Mr Hemming, UK – January 2016  [EVO3 Sigmas]

“After seeing an interesting and effective demonstration by IsoTek at a show in Dortmund I immediately purchased the EVO3 Aquarius. I was already using a cheaper mains filter on my system, but any extra expense for the Aquarius is more than justified – in terms of the sonic result and the quality of workmanship. The bass is now just as I have always wanted to hear it; even the space, resolution and precision playback have been increased significantly. The investment and effect of the addition of an Aquarius to any high quality audio system is far more profound and successful than the replacement of any individual component of that system.”

Mr Banse, Germany – December 2015  [EVO3 Aquarius]

“The best investment I’ve made in HiFi in the last 15 years. The sound-advantage to the “normal” electrical power supply which I saw and heard Keith demonstrate in Bielefeld is exactly how it has enhanced my own equipment. It’s beyond belief.”

Mr Brosent, Germany – December 2015  [EVO3 Mosaic Genesis]

“Just purchased today. Still “burning in”. But based on initial impressions it seems that I am finally hearing that there is a real “human being” behind the voice ! Nice product !”

Mr Ng, Kuala Lumpur – December 2015  [EVO3 Solus]

“Great product. Immediate clear audible improvment. More intense imaging, bass reaches deeper and greater overall dynamics .”

Mr O’Halloran, Australia – November 2015  [EVO3 Aquarius]

“I just changed – after extensive testing – my standard cables to your Sequel for main-amp, and Elite for pre-amp and sources. This brings a tremendously better clarity and soundstage, as well as a big extension in high and low frequencies.”

Mr Dumont, Luxembourg – November 2015  [EVO3 Sequel & Elite]

“As you proposed I rented the Sigmas over the weekend. The result was SHOCKING!!  I still can’t believe that I have the same system connected. I was listening to my ‘test’ songs one after another during the whole weekend and was just surprised how different/better the sound is. 

Just wanted to share this experience/findings with you since you had really effective demonstrations of IsoTek products.”

Mr Bevk, Slovenia – October 2015  [EVO3 Sigmas]

“Outstanding product which made a remarkable difference!  Great service from a great dealer.”

Mr Murik, Turkey – October 2015  [EVO3 Aquarius]

“It really improves the sound quality of my system; the sound is much more natural now .”

Mr Garcia Paredes, Spain – October 2015  [EVO3 Sirius]

“Thanks for a great product, I am super happy with it!  I have had an EVO3 Solus for about 2 years and it is an amazing product.”

Mr Reby, England – September 2015  [EVO3 Solus]

“I received the Syncro on Wednesday and I am very impressed. I have a Burmester 911 mk3 Power which hummed severely due to DC on the mains. I am happy to report that the Syncro solved the problem and I cannot detect any hum coming from the amp. The hum was so bad that it became intrusive, so much that I could not enjoy music anymore. Not only  did it fix the DC on the mains issue, but sound quality has been drastically improved, with a marked step up in Musicality, detail retrieval, transparency and low frequency texture.
Thanks for an amazing product.”

Mr Henning, England – July 2015 [EVO3 Syncro]

“One of the best upgrades I have ever purchased! Keep up the excellent work. Thank you very much.”

Mr Friedrich, Australia – May 2015  [EVO3 Aquarius]

“I recently purchased the EVO3 Isoplug on a whim and was surprised that it actually made a noticeable difference to the sound of my audio system when plugged in next to my refrigerator (I wasn’t expecting to hear any difference at all). I then tried plugging it into the existing power board to which my hifi system is connected and noticed even more difference than when it was plugged in next to the fridge.”

Mr Parle, England – June 2015  [EVO3 Isoplug]

What people were saying at Bristol & Berlin High End 2015...

“The step by step introduction to the cleaning up of the mains noise was amazing as each component was introduced.”

Mr I Cotterill, England – Feb 2015

“I wouldnt have believed it would make this much difference.  Very impressive”

Mr G Ritchie, England – Feb 2015

“The demo was very interesting, the difference filtered mains power makes is astounding!”

Mr S Rae, England – Feb 2015

“Super demo, and it really works!”

Mr T Rabauus, Germany – March 2015

“Very good demonstration, best explanation of the products”

Mr G Dolores, Germany – March 2015

“New Sigmas transformed bass guitar on demo so it sounded like a real instrument.  AAA+”

Mr D Hall, England – Feb 2015

“Further to demo at Audio T I’m buying an EVO3 Sigmas – silly grin time!! Today, Keith advised me on suitable mains cables.”

Mr A Philp, England – Feb 2015

“Thought Sigmas was great!”

Mr T Harrison, England – Feb 2015

“Astonishing difference! Cleanliness really is next to Godliness!”

Mr I Fleming, England – Feb 2015

“It was a very interesting demonstration. It demonstrated that even with excellent equipment you need good cables and a clean mains supply.

Mr E Williams, England – Feb 2015

“Awesome trademark, best quality ever!”
Mr M Egea, England – Feb 2015

“With IsoTek it sounds so much calmer. Music sounds tidied up, cleaner, fuller in the bass. Very good!”
Mr J Gorsdorf, Germany – March 2015

“The difference!”
Mr T Mundlof, Germany – March 2015

“Now on my 3rd Syncro. Had my Sigmas for 9 years..”

Mr P Grimes, England – Feb 2015

“The change in sound quality with the Aquarius was amazing.  Thank you for offering your products at such a good price level!”
Mr M Kulig, Germany – March 2015

“Amazing! I will buy an Aquarius.”

Mr C Huth, Germany – March 2015

“Owner of EVO3 Polaris mains block. Excellent product – very pleased with it.”
Mr D Brooks, England – Feb 2015

“Impressive! Sound was some way ahead of most other exhibitors.  I want a Mosaic Genesis.”
Mr C Andrews, England – Feb 2015

“Excellent product!”
Mr H Moser, Switzerland – June 2015  [EVO3 Sigmas]

“I just bought the Aquarius and I am really impressed how good the system sounds with this device in place.”
Dr C Zimmermann, Germany – June 2015  [EVO3 Aquarius]

“In short, I have tried more conditioners on my system than I can name (at least 10 come to mind, but I know it’s more).  Some have made the sound of my system sound constricted and others did not seem to do any damage but did nothing truly “right” either.  Well for the first time, I bought one of your conditioners (EVO3 Titan) and all I can say is “Wow, what a product!”
Rather than try and list numerous adjectives on its performance and effect on my system, one word keeps coming to my mind…CLARITY.  The Titan provides a sense of clarity that my system never possessed before.  It truly has shown me what a great conditioner can do for my system.
Many thanks (and keep up the good work!)”
Mr D Hinshelwood, USA – May 2015  [EVO3 Titan]

“The positive assessment of the Sigmus in the hi-fi press was absolutely true . The unit has truly upgraded my system.”
Mr H Schampel, Germany – June 2015   [EVO3 Sigmas]

“I have a real respect for IsoTek power products, I honestly doubted that they would make a difference out here in the sticks (country side). I plugged the EVO3 Mosaic Genesis in not expecting much… I was wrong. It brought about an improvement of the scale I had not envisaged.”

David Price, Hi-Fi Choice Magazine