Premiere of SUPER speakers

Premiere of SUPER speakers

Best in test and recommended wireless speakers and soundboards

A good speaker gives a good sound experience, but which one to choose? There are lots of wireless speakers and soundboards that allow you to stream music from your mobile phone or PC, but which one is really best in testing? And what exactly do the tests say? We have created an overview of some of the test winners we have in our range so that you can find the speaker that best suits your needs. The list is updated regularly.

Sonos Beam – Soundboard with multi-room and smart home support
“Best in test – December 2018 in the magazine Lyd og bilde. The article goes on:

“Can control smart homes with voice, and finally a Sonos product has got HDMI. Gives the TV sound a new dimension, with natural and fine sound.
“We have tested Beam before, but after checking it directly against other soundboards in the price range we have to adjust the grade to full pot. Then we have not even included that one can add both back speakers and subwoofers page!)

Available in black and white design


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