A number of manufacturers use and recommend IsoTek products for development and/or demonstration purposes; these include Arcam, Denon, GamuT, Genesis Advanced Technologies, Marantz, Monitor Audio, Nordost, Onkyo, Pioneer, PMC, Primare, Roksan and TEAC Esoteric.

GamuT Premier

GamuT, the acclaimed Danish high-end audio manufacturer, is to supply IsoTek’s class-leading EVO3 Premier power cables with all its source components and amplifiers, replacing the standard ‘off-the-shelf’ power leads usually bundled with audio equipment.

According to Ole Rytz Jørgensen GamuT’s Director: “The freebie ‘kettle leads’ supplied with most audio components significantly hamper their performance because they are not constructed to a level of quality but down to a price. By supplying IsoTek’s specialised EVO Premier power cable instead, we enable our customers to hear the full potential of our products from the moment they first plug them in, thus delivering even greater value for money.”

Keith Martin, IsoTek’s Managing Director, added: “At last, a serious audio company has recognised that including a cable with an associated cost of around £1 with a component costing thousands of pounds makes no sense, and is contradictory to audio performance of quality replay, seriously restricting performance.”

Power Play Primare & IsoTek

Leading Swedish brand Primare selected IsoTek to provide a clean power supply for use in their testing and demonstration rooms.

“Primare has chosen IsoTek as its power partner because IsoTek products have an unfailing ability to deliver the foundation for Primare components to reveal their full potential. No less important, IsoTek’s system-building approach mirrors Primare’s own modular concept, allowing customers to improve and grow their systems as budget allows and system needs demand, while continuously providing the best environment for enjoying music and film”, announces Lars Pedersen, Managing Director, Primare.

Primare offer a truly great line of electronics and IsoTek are proud to be able to assist them with our award winning range. IsoTek uses Primare’s top range electronics in the development of specific music server power supplies which are due to come to market next year.

“The Primare PRE60 and MM30 system offers easy control and music replay via iPhone or iPad – the system is reliable, sounds great and just works!” advises Keith Martin, IsoTek’s Managing Director.

The distributors first choice in Switzerland

and a Premier of sorts! IsoTek distributor for the Swiss market, Digital Unterhaltungs AG, have chosen to replace all cheap supplied black cables with IsoTek Premier across their product portfolio.

IsoTek distributor for the Swiss market, Digital Unterhaltungs AG, distributors of high-end brands such as  AVM, Burmester, Martin Logan, Sonus Faber, Tinnov, etc., have chosen to replace all cheap (less than £1) supplied black cables with IsoTek Initium across their product portfolio.

“This represents an unprecedented first step in providing an audio great power cable in line with the product purchase” advises Keith Martin. “I would personally wish to thank Carlo Struchtrup, Digital Unterhaltungs CEO, for recognising the performance related problems associated with these poor quality supplied leads.”

Does IsoTek come before Genesis?

IsoTek power conditioners are the only power conditioners that Genesis recommend to their customers.

“Genesis Advanced Technologies make some of the best loudspeakers in the world. We are justifiably famous for accurate, dynamic and tight bass with our servo-controlled subwoofers. The built-in servo-controlled bass amplification of the Genesis Dragons, for example, deliver 12,000W of power to twenty-four 12-inch woofers on one pair of speakers. While the speakers are specifically designed for home use only, they will fill an auditorium.  The IsoTek power conditioners are the only power conditioners I recommend to our customers. While other power conditioners are like a strait-jacket to our prodigious bass ability, the IsoTek Titan paradoxically seem to increase the bass ability. During our demonstrations, we often use just a single Titan to power the entire back-end of the system. All 14,000W of it!” advises Gary Leonard Koh, Designer & CEO, Genesis Advanced Technologies.

IsoTek brings sound to life with Monitor Audio

British brand Monitor Audio chose IsoTek to develop a unique burn-in algorithm to enhance loudspeaker performance and reduce run in time.

he project involved IsoTek working with Monitor audio to develop a unique burn-in CD to be supplied exclusively to Monitor Audio customers.

“It is always great when manufacturers can work together to assist in the development of truly useful industry tools, and working with Monitor Audio on this project was easy and respectful.” Keith Martin IsoTek’s Managing Director.

IsoTek brings sound to life with Monitor Audio

Teac Esoteric specify IsoTek Full System Enhancer

The effectiveness of IsoTek’s Full System Enhancer resulted in Teac Esoteric commissioning a branded version to be supplied with all of their new electronics.

The IsoTek Full System Enhancer CD rapidly became an industry standard for burning in new electronics as it dramatically reduced run in time from days to hours with an overall better effect. The disc is still extensively used at audio shows after systems have been set up and prior to shows commencing. The effectiveness of IsoTek’s Full System Enhancer resulted in Teac Esoteric commissioning a branded version to be supplied with all of their new electronics.

Teac Esoteric specify IsoTek Full System Enhancer

“IsoTek is producing state-of-the-art power devices.”

The Absolute Sound Magazine (USA)